Mobile Mammography Bus

We Ajil Fibretech take great pride in crafting high-quality purpose-built speciality vehicles. We build everything from mobile mammography clinics, mobile blood bank units, to mobile medical clinics. Our mobile mammography vans are equipped with all the necessary equipment for successful breast cancer screenings. Make screenings available to a greater number of people while increasing patient capacity and reducing cost. Women age 40 and over should routinely have mammograms to detect early signs of breast cancer. It can be difficult to carve time out from a busy schedule to visit an office. However, our mobile mammography units provide an alternative way to obtain a mammogram by using health clinics, stores and other various locations for on-site mammograms. Our self-contained mobile mammography clinic can be equipped with the latest in digital mammography technology. This includes the requisite exam, waiting rooms, storage cabinets and administrative area for staff to work comfortably and effectively. Build your next mobile mammography clinic from the ground up based on your desired platform. Our team can work with almost any make or model, having modified chassis buses. At Ajil Fibretech, we have set the standard in mobile mammography vans. Whether you are starting a new program, upgrading a fleet or looking to add to an existing fleet we can help make the process of building a new mammography unit seamless. Expand your service offering today and cater to your clientele wherever they might be.

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